Help Wanted

Mandarin, Cantonese, Creole

We want to call, and eventually to visit, all our supporters in Malden. Lots of them speak languages we don’t. If you can give us a hand with Mandarin, Cantonese. or Haitian Creole, let’s talk!

Graphic Design

Can you design a great poster? Run up an attractive handout in a flash? Could you make this Web site look a lot better! Let us know!

Restaurants for Warren

Do you own a Malden restaurant, bar, or other eating establishment? Our volunteers would love to visit your place to rendezvous and launch pad before canvassing, or to host meetups for Warren. Good business — and it will help us elect a great new senator. Lots of opportunities!


Are you a terrific Web surfer? We’d like to have someone scan the Web daily for new about Elizabeth Warren and her campaign. Not just newspapers, but the major political and activist sites, policy sites, and the best local blogs. No technical expertise or programming needed.

Desserts? Desserts!

Can you bake a cherry pie? A cobbler? A cake?

Malden For Warren is planning an evening get-together later this month for volunteers. We’d love to have a bunch of tasty desserts. Show us what you’ve got, whether it’s old-fashioned home cooking, modernist molecular treats, or something you learned to cook someplace far from Malden.

...and lots more

There’s a lot to do. It’s fun.

You’ll meet new people and old friends, and you’ll have a chance to learn new skills. And you’ll be helping to elect a great new senator from Massachusetts.

It doesn’t require a lot of time. Have an hour to spare? We’d be really grateful. Get in touch right away.