18 Reasons

Hi! I support Elizabeth Warren, and you should too, because:

  1. She values the middle class over hedge fund billionaires.
  2. I am tired of billionaires getting all the breaks.
  3. Recent college graduates, who cannot get jobs, do not need to have the interest on their student loans doubled.
  4. Seniors need Medicare and Social Security systems that maintain their quality of life.
  5. She knows the difference between regulations that can prevent the elephant-sized banks from breaking the system and the fewer regulations for the more sure-footed community banks and their small business customers.
  6. She has proven that she is smart enough and tough enough to take on the banks. Her opponent’s campaign is funded by these overblown institutions.
  7. She understands that when businesses are not creating jobs, the only one capable of doing something about it is the government.
  8. We need people in Washington who know the government can help. But it only works if it has people who do not think the government is the problem. The government created the Internet, started our genetics research, built our roads, our cities, and our schools.
  9. When there is good job-creating legislation, she will get behind it right away. On his best days, her opponent decides to vote for it at the last minute.
  10. She will vote for job-creating bills instead of proposing them and then voting against them.
  11. With gas approaching $4 a gallon, she knows that the oil companies do not need tax loopholes. Her opponent talks about fixing the loopholes, but then he votes to minimize the size of government.
  12. We should not need an army of lawyers and lobbyists to make the system work for us.
  13. We need a campaign finance system where elected official spend more time representing us and less time getting the money they need to get elected.
  14. Nothing more represents our economic values than the tax code, and it is not working for the rest of us.
  15. Investing in ourselves works. That includes education, research, infrastructure, an updated energy solution, and an inclusive healthcare solution.
  16. Investing in the future is a wise investment. We once had a GI bill that got our soldiers trained for good jobs. It was a great investment.
  17. She knows that we need to tightly control healthcare costs. Her opponent supports a voucher system that is sure to increase healthcare greatly. Why? Because the supply of private healthcare providers will stay the same and the supply of people needing their services will increase by at least tens of millions.
  18. Being a women of child-bearing age should not increase your healthcare costs by more than 20%.

May I tell you more?